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Jasmine Team is part of Waterstone Mortgage Corporation, Inc.
Our focus is to deliver unparalleled service for our clients and real estate agents.

By focusing on our Core Values and Beliefs, we deliver the best possible service. We enjoy what we do and look forward to helping you.

Jasmine Krnjetin

Jasmine Krnjetin


Jasmine has been a trusted Mortgage Banker for 14 years. She will meet with you, advise you, review loan options, and help you pick the program that is just right for you!

Jasmine was born in Serbia, moved to Sweden as a young girl and finally to the United States. Her entire career has been spent helping people make smart financial choices. For the last 18 years she has been originating mortgages. Jasmine enjoys spending time her family including her son and daughter, as well her other team members; husband Jeff and sister Vesna. Jasmine loves coffee and desserts, enjoys dancing and continually seeks out knowledge and new ways of thinking.

NMLS # 116216

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Jeff Goddard


Jeff runs the team and does everything else not mentioned above. He is in charge of recruiting and training and is always available for client or Realtor requests.

Jeff is one of the few Atlanta natives left in Atlanta. Jeff’s greatest accomplishment is that he married Jasmine. He also holds a degree in Finance from Georgia State University and an MBA from Georgia Tech. Jeff and Jasmine enjoy spending time with their two delightful kids, drinking good coffee, and traveling to Europe whenever they can. Jeff’s dream job is to be a long haul trucker, but for now mortgages will suffice.

NMLS #1088030

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Amy Ravelo


Amy will be your initial point of contact here at JasmineTeam. Her job is to schedule your appointment and gather all of your information to help expedite your mortgage approval.

Amy Ravelo is a Licensed Loan Partner with Jasmine Team. A Washington state native currently residing in North Carolina, Amy has been fortunate to see many parts of the country as a military spouse. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ashford University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Business Management. She has over five years of experience in mortgage lending, and she loves crunching numbers and helping clients get into the home of their dreams. In her free time Amy is a food truck rodeo enthusiast, amateur Olympic lifter, and sight seer. She is the wife of an army paratrooper and mother of beautiful twins.

NMLS #1125033

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Vesna Krnjetin

Vesna Krnjetin


Vesna is one of two loan processors in charge of our loans. Vesna’s job is to work directly with our underwriting team to get your loan ready to close on time.

She brings over 17 years of mortgage processing experience to Jasmine Team.
Vesna was born in Serbia and lived in Sweden, Germany and India before moving to the United States in 1997. She has spent her entire career in the mortgage industry and has helped countless families on their path to home ownership. Vesna’s daughter is the joy of her life and she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking and travelling.

NMLS #1125034

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Mira Krnjetin

Mira Krnjetin


Mira makes things happen at Jasmine Team that nobody else can. From sending monthly mailers to keeping Jasmine’s calendar organized, she does it all.

She is essentially the “team mom”. In fact she is the mother of Jasmine and Vesna, so you could really say that she is the one in charge around here!

Mira was born in Serbia, and came the states in 1997 by way of Sweden. She owned her an eco­friendly cleaning company before eco­cleaning was cool. She enjoys spending time in her garden, bead work, and hanging out with her grand kids. When Mira takes her dream vacation it will be to Maui.

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Tasha White


Tasha White has over thirteen years of experience in the real estate and mortgage industry. At Jasmine team, she manages leads and keeps the sales engine humming along. No stone is left unturned by Tasha, as she makes sure every single realtor partner feels supported and comfortable working with Waterstone.

Tasha is a very involved mother of three amazing children. Tasha advocates for them and other children through her vice-chair position on the City of Decatur School Board. To fulfill her passion for customer service (and beer), Tasha also bartends on Saturdays at Scofflaw Brewery. When she’s not busy being supermom or working multiple jobs, Tasha loves to get in touch with her creative side by singing, dancing, and planting in her garden.

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James Irving



MLS #1624610

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Caitlin Thigpen



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Marlene Hebert



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Ariel Pettigrew



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Vicky Charron

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